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A snippet of footage and chatters around the Freeport strike in West Papua. The Freeport workers’ union says it is a matter of simple “revenue transparency”, the international trade union says the dispute “has nothing to do with” West Papua politics, and a worker recorded in his video testimony that the walk-out was something “important” and worth keeping.

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produced Nov 04, 2011

The Geneva-based International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Unions (ICEM), its Australian affiliated group Australia’s Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and the Freeport Indonesia Workers’ Union, SP KEP SPSI, met in Jakarta from October 30 to November 2, 2011.

In this video, SP KEP SPSI was represented by Airan Koibur, ICEM was represented by Information and Campaign OfficerDick Blin, and Wayne McAndrew spoke for the CFMEU.

DPRP members say police and army chiefs should be held responsible for casualties

Bintang Papua, 25 October 2011
[Abridged in translation by TAPOL]

Jayapura: A member of the Provincial Legislative Assembly of Papua, the DPRP, had called for the Chief of Police in Papua and Commander of the Cenderawasih Military Command to be held responsible for the loss of life when the Papuan People’s Congress was broken up last Wednesday.

‘The actions of the security forces in dispersing the Congress exceeded all bounds and exceeded their authority and in so doing were in violation of the laws in force,’ said Yan Mandenas, chairman of the Pikiran Rakyat group in the DPRP.

‘They exceeded their powers in attacking and shooting people who happened to be in the location, whether or not those people were involved in the Congress.’

‘If indeed they were committing an act of subversion, then those responsible should be arrested, not beaten up and shot. This is a serious violation of human rights and should be thoroughly investigated,’ he said.   ‘This is not a trivial matter but something which attacks the self-respect of Papuan people. It seems as though  whenever anything happens in Papua, the security forces act uncontrollably and start shooting.’

‘Killing innocent people is inhumane and it is always Papuans who are the casualties. If we want to develop Papua and preserve the unitary Republic of Indonesia, then we should stop hitting out at people and treating Papuans as if they are worthless.’

As for the claim of the chief of police in Papua that the casualties were only stabbed and not shot, if this is true, there should be autopsies. ‘Why have there been no reports of the result of autopsies?’

He said that if Papua is an indivisible part of Indonesia, then why do so many conflicts occur there. ‘There have been a number of mysterious shootings, none of which has been properly investigated.’

Mandenas said that an investigation team should be set up immediately to see whether violations were committed. ‘If there were violations, then those members of the security forces who were responsible should be sacked.’

Similar views were expressed by Ruben Magay, chairman of Commission A on Politics and Law of the DPRP.

He went on to say that he had urged the chief of police to withdraw his men because it (the Congress) was already over, but what in fact happened was that even though the event was at an end, they started chasing people, hitting them and shooting at people who happened to be in the vicinity;  And no one was fighting back. ‘This is clearly a violation, with armed people shooting at random, hitting people who were not showing any resistance or carrying firearms.’

‘The National Human Rights Commission, Komnas HAM, as the competent body should carry out an investigation and say whether human rights were violated or not.’ He went on to say that the DPRP will press for an investigation team to be set up.

Meanwhile, a man named Yosep Nawipa who was happened to be in the vicinity became a casualty and was held in custody at police command headquarters. He said that he has been struck with a rifle butt by a member of the security forces, then pushed into their vehicle and taken to the police station.  ‘Just as the event was being dispersed,’ he said.   ‘I happened to pass through the location and I too was beaten up,
dragged into their vehicle and struck on the crown of my head,’ he said, pointing to the injury that he had sustained.

Open Letter from ILWP to Inspektur Jenderal Drs BL Tobing Papua Police Chief

International Lawyers for West Papua


Inspektur Jenderal Drs BL Tobing
Papua Police Chief
Regional Head of Police (Kapolda)
JI. Samratulangi No. 8 Jayapura

Fax: +62 967 533763
21 October 20
Dear Kapolda,

We, the International Lawyers for West Papua, respectfully seek to remind you
of your duties under international law.

It has been reported from a police source (Republika, 19 October 2011) that
approximately 600 people were arrested at the Third Papua Congress, a peaceful
assembly at which the Papuan community were gathered to discuss their future.
Other media outlets have reported that between four and seven people were
killed and many others injured after security services opened fire on the
assembly and that hundreds more were beaten before being taken into custody.

As a Police Chief you are an agent of the Indonesian State and you are bound to
obey the human rights standards set by international law, particularly the
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which Indonesia
acceded to on 23 February 2006. We also remind you of your obligations under
the Indonesian Human Rights Act and Human Rights Courts Act.

The right to freedom of assembly is protected by Articles 21 and 22 of the
ICCPR. The right to free speech is guaranteed by Article 19 of the ICCPR. The
people of West Papua are entitled to meet and discuss freely their opinions,
including their right to self-determination and their desire for independence
and self-government. If they have been arrested for doing so, they are
prisoners of conscience and must be released immediately.

We therefore request that you immediately confirm the basis for the arrests and
ensure that all detainees that were injured during the violence have access to
medical care. We also request that you:

Comply with Articles 19, 21 and 22 of the ICCPR and release any detainees
held for engaging in peaceful assembly;
Comply with Article 7 of the ICCPR and guarantee that all of those detained
will not be tortured or otherwise ill-treated while in detention;
Comply with Article 14 of the ICCPR and allow all detainees immediate
access to a lawyer of their choosing;
Comply with Article 2 of the ICCPR in instituting a full and thorough
investigation of the extra-judicial killings and violence at the assembly in
breach of Articles 6 and 7 of the ICCPR.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely,

International Lawyers for West Papua

DAP chairman calls for the withdrawal of police and army from around Freeport

JUBI, 13 October 2011In connection with the shooting dead of Petrus Ayamiseba  who worked at the catering department for workers at Freeport, the Dewan Adat Papua  has declared that  it is essential to withdraw army and police troops from area around the Freeport mine.

Speaking on behalf of DAP, Dewan Adat Papua, Forkorus Yaboisembut said that the chief of the Indonesian police, the chief of police in Papua and the commnder of the XVII Cenderawasih Command should withdraw all their troopa who are currently deployed in the vicinity of the mine. He said that it was important for the police and the security forces to stop exerting pressure on the company. They should also be ordered to stop exerting pressure on the workers.

‘The security forces should stop interfering in any way with the company,’ he said. ‘The two sides involved in a dispute must find a solution together. If they are subjected to pressure, the dispute will never be solved,’ he said.

He also said that the Indonesian govrnment should urge the company to provide a clarification about its  revenues. ‘If the government can convince the company to review the wages that they  pay to the workers, the dispute can be speedily resolved,’ he said.

Meanwhile, the lawyer, Yan Christian Warinussy said that the shooting of Petrus Ayamiseba was a gross violation of human rights, and he hoped that the Papua branch of the National Human Rights Commission would speedily hold a meeting with  the chief of police in Papua, Police Inspector-General  Bigman Lukkaman Tobing to press for this shooting incident to be resolved in the human rights court. He said that if this does not happen,  the police will claim that this was nothing more than a criminal act.

He want on to say that the shooting to death was a breach of Law 39/1998 regarding safeguarding actions undertaken by the people.

Warinussy also said that  the company should halt all their provocative actions. ‘The company and the workers should sit down together to discuss the rights of the workers.’

Warinussy said that he was currently in Timika and was carrying out his own investigations and he said that he would be having a meeting with the chief of police in Mimika and with the company. The results would be conveyed to the chairman of the  Papuan branch of the National Human Rights Commission. Matius Murib.

Petrus Ayamiseba who was 36 years old died when he was struck by a burning rod of tin belonging to the police while he was taking part in a demonstration at the Gorong-Gorong Terminal.

During the incident, another person was also killed, namely  Jamil, a member of Brimob.

Police Reject Allegations of Hostage-Taking in W. Papua Mining Flap

2) Police Reject Allegations of Hostage-Taking in W. Papua Mining Flap
Banjir Ambarita | July 11, 2011

Raja Ampat Police on Monday denied reports that legal advocate Johnson Panjaitan has been held hostage as a result of a dispute between two mining companies in West Papua.

Earlier on Monday, Tagor Simanjuntak, Johnson’s colleague, told that Johnson went to Kawe Island to represent Kawe Sejahtera Mining, which is filing a lawsuit against fellow miner Anugerah Surya Indotama.

Tagor said that Kawe Sejahtera claimed that a ruling from the State Administrative Court stipulates that Anugerah Surya should suspend all its mining activities until the legal dispute is over.

Johnson was sent to the site following a report that the company was continuing to operate in defiance of the court order. Tagor said that he received reports from Johnson’s staffers that the legal advocate was being held hostage.

But the local police chief denied the report.

“I was in Jayapura, but from the report I got, Johnson Panjaitan is in Kawe Island, but the hostage issue was not true,” police chief I Nyoman Suastra said.

He said he had already looked into the allegation, and had turned up no evidence of hostage-taking. “It’s clear there are no hostages, I’ve crosschecked already,” he said.

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