Perpetrators of Bloody Wamena Incident should be brought to justice

JUBI, 4 April 2012

The Aliansi Demokrasi Untuk Papua – Democratic Alliance for Papua – has called on the Indonesian government and specifically on the police force  to immediately arrest and charge  the perpetrators of the serious bloody incident  which occurred at the time of an  attack on the ammunition dump of  Kodim – district military command – 1702 in Wamena on 4 April 2003.

Cory Silva, speaking on behalf of the ALDP, said that the government should also provide a clarification about the incident.

She said that incident was a serious tragedy that led to the loss of many lives.

‘As far as we know, the government has failed to acknowledge responsibility for that incident and it has simply been swept under the carpet,’ she told journalists.

She called on Komnas HAM, the National Human Rights Commission, and the Attorney General’s Office, to provide information about any recent developments with regard to the case. It seems to us, she said, that the incident has got stuck somewhere between these two agencies.

‘We urge the government to provide clarifications with regard to any developments concerning the case. This would help explain things to the victims  and to the general public,’

Cory went on to say that the police should arrest the perpetrators and bring them before the court. ‘If at all possible, the persons behind that incident should be arrested and face justice in accordance with the law of the land.’

The deputy director of the ALDP in Jayapura, Yusman Conoras, said the state should accept responsibility for those who became political prisoners  in connection with the case, bearing in mind that they received heavy sentences. ‘Those who were held as tapols in connection with this case need special attention because of the heavy sentences they have had to serve,’ he said.

According to the available  information, the security forces rounded up six persons whose names are as follows: Kanius Murib, Enos Lokobal, Jefrai Murib, Numbunnga Telenggen, Kimanus Wenda and Michael Hesello. They were tried and convicted by the district court in Makasar. They are at present facing proceedings before the Makasar State Court. The first three were sentenced to 20 years, while the other three were given life sentences.

One of the co-defendants, Michael Hesello, fell ill and died  while he was being held in Gunung Sari Prison in Makasar. The others are at present facing proceedings at the Makasar State Court.

[Translated by TAPOL.]

Manipulation: Komnas HAM report on 2003 arms dump assault

JUBI, 5 April 2011 

Assault on arms dump in Wamena was a manipulation, says Komnas HAM member

The deputy chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, Papua branch  Matius Murib, has told the press that the solution to the assault on the arms dump of the Wamena district military command on 4 April 2003 now depends on the state and the attorney-general’s office.

‘The Komnas HAM, as a state institution, has completed its task of conducting a pro justicia investigation and has delivered its evidence and associated data to the attorney-general. But the attorney-general has responded, saying that the evidence is not strong enough,’ he said. ‘Our job is finished and we cant do anything more on the matter,’ he told JUBI.

The pro justicia report recorded that nine people were murdered, 38 people from 25 kampungs were forcibly evicted, 42 people died from starvation and fifteen others were treated unjustly.

With the Konmas HAM having done its work, it now depends on the goodwill of the state and the attorney-general’s office  to solve the case. In his opinion, this would mean bringing the case before the judiciary, and in this case, this would mean submitting it to the human rights court because, he said, ‘ this was a case of gross violation of human rights which must be heard before the human rights court.’

He went on to explain that this was not a case involving any bloodshed. It should be regarded as something that was deliberately manipulated. ‘I was at the location at the time,’ he said. ‘Just imagine, the arms dump is in the centre of town, yet even so an assault took place. This can only have been a deliberate manipulation,’ he said.

He also referred to the Wamena Tragedy of 6 October 2000 which resulted in many casualties and much spilling of blood. ‘Many ordinary (people) were tortured. This was also a case of serious human rights violations,’ he said.

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