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WPM Editorial Statement
October 29, 2018
Hello readers:
As you know, West Papua Media has suspended publishing on our main site for a while now, due to a difficult ethical decision around the unsustainable safety costs for our clandestine journalists, that we faced without little support.
In the meantime, key personnel have been working on the Project FiveArm Secure Crisis Journalism Tool, and also working on key safety measures, and will be continuing this work for at least several months into the new year.
Whilst the Facebook group will continue. a decision has been taken not to renew our current web subscription for the site, whilst still protecting our domain registration and its variants. Our twitter account will also remain, but will not be a resource for real time monitoring until our re-establishment in 2019
Sadly, we do have to warn: Any organisation or individual that attempts to squat our identity will be severely dealt with. Please do not underestimate our desire to protect this ten year project’s legacy and platform that will return as a critical platform for West Papuan voices.
West Papua Media will be returning as a Witness Journalism and Human Security Monitoring initiate that will provide a robust global platform for independent and credible West Papuan voices to document their resistance and survival under Indonesian colonial occupation. It will become valuable a resource for both safe witness journalism skillsharing, and also for activist networks to utilise robust and provable high quality and factual evidence (of an international legal standard) from the field to assist in their campaigning, subject to correct attribution.
When we return, we will be upgrading to a much safer, inclusive anti-surveillance platform, that will also enable safer and much more robust engagement with witness human rights and environmental journalists and readers, and utilise protected, encrypted and anonymous submissions of evidence of human security abuses. This will be funded through a significant crowdfunding effort and philanthropic requests.
We will continue to be non-factional and non-partisan, inasmuch as we are embedded in the indigenous genuine self-determination aspirations of the West Papuan People, and the advocacy of Universal and basic Human Rights.
We will continue to have the most robust and ethical Source Protection Policy in journalism today, and introduce innovative Safe Witness Journalism technologies and training resources, including encryption resources and manuals.
WestPapuaMedia will also continue to work with indigenous media outlets and seek to renegotiate partnerships with clandestine and open journalists, outlets, sources and investigators who have met our Editorial Standards, using an exclusive blockchain source credibility scoring mechanism we have developed called ReputaChain. With reader support a fund for Assistance and training will be given to those who have yet to meet those standards and wish to be involved.
We would welcome anybody who wishes to help us achieve this mission. Please contact us at editor(at)westpapuamedia.info if you would like to assist with coding, archiving, sub-editing, and/or designing a crowdfunding campaign to help us achieve these goals. Our GPG key is at https://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x8378AD1127BEF02E
West Papua Media will aim to begin work to create this new presence in February 2019.
Obviously our archive will be unavailable, so you can search for any WestPapuaMedia stories on the Wayback Machine internet archive at https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://westpapuamedia.info/
We look forward to returning to our mission of Helping the Voiceless Roar, louder and stronger than ever.
WPM Crew
October 29, 2018

WestPapuaMedia has suspended publishing, but we can be back in 2019 with your help

WEB OR FB PAGE IMAGE SUPPORTING WITH A GLOBAL VOICEFor the first time in ten years, WestPapuaMedia has taken a long break from regular publication as we focus on improving our infrastructure, and work on several innovative new projects that will support credible, quality journalism on the ground in West Papua.

Without a sustainable funding base and savings in the bank, we were unable to ethically provide the correct amount of support currently needed for our brave clandestine stringers and journalists to expose themselves in the field.  We are still working hard to create the mechanisms so that they are armed always with real time digital security and support when they do venture into the field, and are able to report safely.  These mechanisms of course, we are working to develop so that anyone who needs to tell a story of their world – in Papua to begin with – is able to do so, and have their voice heard, and treated with respect.

Currently the amount of fake media, recycledWEB OR FB PAGE IMAGE FRONTLINE CLANDESTINE
and out of context torture photos and misreporting is creating a situation where social media is now dismissed by the powerful around the world as rumour and propaganda. This work being researched will support the capacity of West Papuan people inside West Papua to get their own voices heard with the stories they want to tell.  Not the stories that outsiders want told for their own clickbait donation agendas, or misreported, or not told full stop.

It breaks our hearts that we cannot cover the issues West Papua needs reporting to the world at this point, but we have a commitment to not put our folks in danger.

We want to be able to support every rally, every campaign, and to be able to tell every story West Papuans want to tell the the world, especially of those sectors of the population that don’t get a voice currently.

Our return in 2019 can only happen with your generous and sustainable support.  WPM supporters and members will be creating a major crowdfunding campaign and donation before our return, and we will be going for an “all-or-nothing” model to ensure that we can cover the expensive costs of safely supporting clandestine journalists in the field – and having the resources to provide the protection and cover that they need to report safely, and to enable professional media creators to deliver high quality and factual multimedia reporting.

WEB OR FB PAGE IMAGE MEDIA BAN REDUNDANTWe will of course continue to assist foreign journalist to bypass the media ban in West Papua by assisting with SAFE organisation and fixing for undercover stories.  However our main focus is to continue our pioneering work of the last ten years ensure that Jakarta’s Foreign Media Ban is redundant, through the effective and strong real time multimedia reporting capacity of indigenous Papuan journalists is supported.

So our current work for the rest of the year will be focused on organising West Papua Media’s back archives, our digital media assets, and also restructuring our project to deliver a more robust, intuitive and involving website, with the ability for people on the ground to collaborate with us, safely, with their identities and locations safe.

We will be creating an innovative new digital asset library, with new technologies of verification and safe asset tracking (that will not put the creator’s security at risk)  that will ensure that any creative content, whether photos, videos, or any content and artwork provided to us, will be able to be tracked across the internet, and to enable licensing that will mean money will flow back to the creators so they can sustain their work (and get new equipment etc), or to enable training and supply to new witness journalists to operate effectively and safely.

We have a big checklist of tasks to get through, and wp-1467277981469.jpgwelcome anyone’s assistance to make this a reality.  Please contact us via our contact page if you would like to assist.  You can of course donate to us via a variety of methods, just visit westpapuamedia.info/donate .

We really need your generous financial support to enable this to be reborn in early 2019.  A major crowdfunding campaign will begin late October, and we will be on a contributor and collaborator hunt – especially those who would like to mentor and support individual Papuan journalists in their continued development.

Until then, our work includes:

  • final-eye-safe-logo-file-webrewriting and translating for our side project “eyeSAFEMoJO – the Safe Witnesss Journalism Project“, which can be found at isafemojo.press ,  with tasks including:
    • a list of SAFEApps for enabling journalists and human rights workers on the ground in Papua to collect information safely using mobile tools, without threat of state surveillance and threats by using these unsafe apps and social media;
    • A new Safe Witness Journalism Guide, with graphical how-to’s and updated tactics specific to West Papua with lessons learnt from the last few years of changes in the media environment;
    • Developing a new series of training curricula for digital security and practical safety for frontline clandestine witness and professional journalists to be rolled out for 2019.
    • triage-card-eyesafemojo-logo-wpm-textTailoring our unique and unprecedented JournoTriage News prioritization system.  EyeSAFEMoJo’s JournoTriage Process for Civil Resistance and Human Rights Journalism is a simple concept that adopts traditional newsroom story prioritisation, combining it with the highly effective and universal First Responder’s Mass Casualty Assessment tool.  JournoTriage combines a material (Security, political, repressive, casualty, legality and impunity) conditions crisis assessment of standardised coding system that is understood immediately by journalists, human security, medics, counter-disaster and international agencies -instantly.
    • and of course our major project, final-five-arm-logo-webPROJECT FIVEARM Secure Human Security and Crisis Journalism Reporting Tool and Methodology, with which we are
      hoping to transform the ability  to collect credible, verified and scientifically tested evidence of human security information that can be utilised by journalists, editors, human rights organisations and International bodies to effect real time monitoring and intervention of abuses.


We are really going to need your help to bring these about of course, and will be outlining more in coming months, so keep your ears tuned for announcements on our twitter feed.  Remember to please donate generously at westpapuamedia.info/donate

In the meantime, some articles will continue to come across, and you can keep up with our partner content by following the feeds on the sidebar at westpapuamedia.info

For up to the minute WestPapuaMedia tweets, please refer to embedded Twitter box below.

For crisis monitoring through our #LiveUpdatesPapua feed, please refer to the twitter box on the right sidebar.  —->

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WestPapuaMedia still needs your help for behind the scenes hard work despite publishing break. Also looking for extra folks to help with editorial.

Dear Friends of WestPapuaMedia –

We have been asked many times recently why we are not publishing and the explanation of course is here: https://westpapuamedia.info/2016/09/22/westpapuamedia-twitter-feed-sticky-post/

But in short, we cannot publish because we cannot ethically provide our crew on the ground with the support needed to keep them safe and in contingency should they come under threat.  WestPapuaMedia also simply does not currently have the personnel free at the moment due to critical background journalism support work we are doing.

That said, we do wish to be able to cover critical developments still, and still provide a voice to those people who need it.  WestPapuaMedia is urgently looking for some more volunteers to take on the following roles

  • translation from Indonesian into English, and from English to Indonesian (with technical language capacity);
  • Editorial roles for continued publication of our partner content over the next few months, cooperation with livemonitoring teams for major mobilisations leading up to December 1, as well as a few basic articles of major breaking news (no investigations until we relaunch in late January 2017 unless you wish to do them).

We require folks with a commitment to high journalistic standards, accuracy and ethical publishing.  If you can help, please visit westpapuamedia.info/contact and get in touch with us.

WPM needs your help as the current team is flat out developing secure tools, apps and training/tutorial resources to assist frontline and citizen journalists, with much of this needed before December 1, and of course our major work, Project FiveARM Secure Crisis Field Reporting Tool https://fivearm.isafemojo.press (we have been awarded a small grant by the Walkley Grants for Innovation in Journalism, but we cannot use any of that funding for WPM work).

However as ever, WestPapuaMedia needs your help in staving off an existential need also.  Prior to a major crowdfunding campaign in coming weeks for the new WestPapua.Media portal for 2017  – which is going to allow for much wider involvement for credible reportage than currently is the case  – we still must pay for the bills even though we are in effective suspension.  We have close to A$1800 in urgent costs coming up over the next few weeks, for the following costs – all before we can launch the 2017 campaign:

  • yearly server costs,
  • secure shareroom, file hosting and upload costs,
  • WordPress hosting costs
  • FTP costs
  • Domain registration costs,
  • as well as site mirroring and anti-DDOS requirements that need to be paid for.
  • As well as projected transition costs (that we will be crowdfunding for) for the new portal, which we are projecting to cost at least A$7000, plus the secure smartphone and camera support for our crew on the ground ($1500 per journalist per year).

As we are still getting over 5-800 hits a day on archived articles, we know that WestPapuaMedia still proving very useful for researchers and for background investigations.  But we rely entire on your support for survival, and even though you cannot see how hard we are working – you will see it shortly as we release testing and new tools and tutorials.

If you can assist us achieving these goals, then your support will be greatly appreciated, and will enable safety support for frontline journalists to be developed much faster (we have significant costs in testing these tools). 

New Volunteers in the project are very welcome, and we will be re-requesting individually those wonderful folks who have worked with us in the past as we would LOVE to hear from you again.  If you would like to be involved, please drop us a line via the options at https://westpapuamedia.info/contact

Donations are sorely needed at westpapuamedia.info/donate, where you can contribute via paypal (also directly via https://www.paypal.me/donate2WPMedia ), via bitcoin (Bitcoins are very much-needed for secure payments), or directly to our bank account (which also accepts Western Union payments if you are outside Australia).

We hope to see your ongoing support.

with much thanks and solidarity.

Nick Chesterfield, Coordinating Editor, on behalf of the entire WestPapuaMedia team, past and present