​Breaking: ULMWP membership of Melanesian Spearhead Group decision deferred until September in Vanuatu.


July 14th, 2016

Victor Yeimo, Chairman, West Papua National Committee, was in attendance inside the MSG meeting, after the United Liberation Movement for West Papua membership decision was deferred due to a legal wording technicality.

Contrary to reports by Indonesia, this postponement has been a technical issue due to confusing legal definitions, and not a rejection of the membership process for ULMWP, according to Yeimo.

“Our application was postponed to the next special summit before September, that will be done in Vanuatu. The reasons for delays are due to the definition of “new members”, that has not formulated properly to ensure ULMWP’s application will be accepted. The existing definition not only to accept ULMWP, may threaten FLKNS  (Kanaky )membership as an MSG founding member. This is only a postponement.”

This postponement is to allow all parties to strengthen the MSG binding mechanisms, and is not viewed as a rejection nor a defeat for the ULMWP.

Trump explained, “Secondly, the three members who have been supporting us, will soon make an agreement stating that they will not only fight for ULMWP to become full members of MSG, but to mobilize the power of the state, both the countries of the Pacific and rest of the world, in helping the people of Papua to the right of self-determination.”

“This agreement will be signed by Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, the Vanuatu PM, FLKNS chairman, and secretary general of ULMWP. To move towards the deal, tomorrow in Honiara, will be held a special meeting of several members of the MSG and PIDF from Polynesia and Micronesia. This is the first international meeting in the region.”

Victor Yeimo

More to come from WestPapuaMedia and TabloidJubi.com

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