Front Pepera PB: “Stop the Joint Indonesian Military/Police Operation against civilians in Dogiyai Regency”

Press Release Report



Secretariate: Padang Bulan II – Abepura – Jayapura – Papua


“Together for the History of the Star of the East”

Press Release

“Stop the Joint Indonesian Military/Police Operation against civilians in Dogiyai Regency”

On Wednesday April 13, 2011 at 2:30 PM local time, a bloody incident took place in Moanemani (capital of Dogiyai Rgency). This incident started with a protest by civilians objecting to the behavior of the local Police chief along with police officers in Moanemani, who seized toggle (gambling) money from local people.  According to the information obtained from trusted sources, the toggle site is owned by the Police chief and some police officers.  Police officers trust some local people to manage the gambling site.  Yesterday around midday, some local people were playing toggle near Moanemani market; at the time, a few police officers approached them and along with the Police chief, took away all of the toggle money that was in a plastic bag.  The toggle seller did not accept this behavior and went to face the Police chief, but one civilian named Domin Auwe (25 yrs) was shot dead in front of the local Moanemani police station; another civilian named Otin Yobe (23 yrs) was shot in the chest, with the bullet piercing the body beneath the armpit; and Amon Pigai (23 yrs) was shot in the waist and the chest.

Local people did not accept this brutal action.  Some local people burned down part of the local Moanemani Police station and burned some shops owned by Police officers.  A joint Military/Police unit was then deployed, attacking locals’ homes in Moanemani and environs.  According to information we have gathered so far, four civilians’ homes were burned by the joint Military/Police operation; locals were terrorized, intimidated, beaten and shot; locals’ herds and gardens were destroyed.

During the night, at midnight local time, two of the civilians who were shot during the day, Amon Pigai and Otin Yobe, were brought to the Nabire hospital for treatment; both are in critical condition.  Meanwhile, the joint Military/Police units were brought to Moanemani from nearby locations including Nabire so as to expand the local operation.  Transmigrant (Indonesian) populations were evacuated to Nabire and the surrounding region.

On April 14 2011 at 8 AM local time, a local person named Aloisuis Waine (35 yrs) was shot dead by a joint Military/Police arbitrary sweeping operation in Iikebo – Moanemani, Dogiyai Regency.

Moanemani, the capital of Dogiyai Regency, is in a state of violent terror.  Most local inhabitants have already escaped to nearby villages for safety; meanwhile those remaining are staying in their homes, while some are even hiding in bushes and forest.  To respond to this bloody tragedy, we firmly demand that:

1.      The arbitrary sweepings by Military and Police against civlians in Moanemani (capital of Dogiyai Regency) and surrounding area cease immediately;

2.      Papua Police Chief and Regional Mlitary Commander for XVII Cenderawasih command immediately accept responsibility for the shooting deaths of two civilian (Domin Auwe and Aloisius Waine) as well as the two other shooting victims (Amon Pigai dan Otin Yobe) who remain in critical condition at Nabire Hospital, and also other victims of shootings and beatings carried out during sweepings.;

3.      Local Police chief and Military Commander as well as soldiers and Police officers in Moanemani who have arbitrarily brutalized local people immediately be disciplined sternly (fired from their positions with Military or Police) and brought to justice and sanctioned in accordance with the level of brutality they have enacted;

4.      Papua Police Chief immediately ban gambling and specifically Toggle in Papua;

5.      Governor of Papua Province and Dogiyai Regency Government accept responsibility over the loss suffered by local people, including the burning of shops by locals as well as the burning of homes by the Military and Police, in addition to other damages;

6.      Papua Province Legislature immediately form a Humanitarian Team to advocate around the tragedy that has gripped the people of Moanemani, Dogyiai Regency;

7.      National Human Rights Commission immediately advocate for the victims of the bloody Moanemani tragedy.

That is our press release that we express with all sincerity in the hopes of follow-up action by all relevant actors.

Demikian siaran pers ini kami buat dengan sesungguhnya untuk ditindak-lanjuti oleh pihak-pihak terkait.

Jayapura, Thursday, April 14 2011

“Unity Without Limits, Struggle Until Victory”


(Public Head, WPPUSF (Front PEPERA PB))

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  1. We are verry sorry
    drunk and gambling are entrenched in our community.
    These conditions are cooled by the OPM. they would like if there were civilians in Papua that killed …. this incident would have campaigned to the world.

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